Children's swimming lessons

Group swimming lessons

Each swimming lesson is for a duration of 30 minutes. The classes consist of only 6 children per session, to ensure quality teaching and increased safety.

You can enrol your child by calling the number or e-mailing the address shown in the 'Contact' tab of the website. You will need to provide your child's name, address, contact number and age, as well as their swimming stage if they have been assessed before.

The classes are split up in to swimming stages. Currently at Water Wings we cover stages 1-7. The course of swimming lessons will follow a strict structure; week 1-8 will be swimming lessons, week 9 will be assesment and enrolment week and week 10 will be a fun session; consisting of swimming races, games and floats. If a child meets the criteria to progress to the next stage on assessment week there will be an opportunity to purchase a certificate and badge certifying that they have completed that stage. Order and payment will need to be made for the badges and certificates on week 9 and the children will receive them on week 10.

One to one swimming lessons

A one-to-one swimming lesson will be exactly that. The duration of this lesson will also be 30 minutes. The one-to-one lessons follow the same 10 week structure as the group swimming lessons; week 1-8 will be swimming lessons, week 9 will be assessment week and week 10 is a fun session.

Children as young as two years old can have one-to-one swimming lessons and they will follow the ASA Duckling Awards scheme. This is put in place to prepare them for the Learn to swim framework- Stages 1-7.

Two to one swimming lessons

Water Wings swim school also offers swimming lessons on a two-to-one basis. Lessons on a two-to-one basis are usually taken by siblings and follows the same structure as a one-to-one lesson. The two children must be at the same ASA swimming stage to have a two-to-one lesson.

Rookie lifeguard swimming class

Rookie lifeguard classes are for children that have completed the ASA learn to swim framework (stages 1-7) and want to progress on to the next level. There is bronze, silver and gold. Rookie lifeguard classes have up to 12 children in, this is because it is a lot of paired work. These classes are also based on a 10 week programme.