Who we are?

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself; the founder and manager of Water Wings Swim School. My name is Alexandra Francis. I am a very enthusiastic and motivated individual. I have many years of experience of swimming for various clubs. I have achieved a high level of awards in the sport, this is solely due to the interest I have in swimming. However, it is now time to pass my motivation and interest on to others. We are a fully insured swim school that have undergone DBS checks.

At Water Wings Swim School we are a group of ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) qualified swimming instructors. Our team consists of both level 1 and level 2 swimming teachers. Our teachers have represented Wales at international level. So, in short, we know our stuff!!

At Water Wings Swim School we strictly follow The National Plan for Teaching Swimming 2007. This is the national syllabus produced by the ASA to assist and support the delivery of swimming lessons. It is the most successful sports programme of its kind and the syllabus is currently being implemented in over 1,000 swimming programmes nationwide as well as being adopted overseas as a model of good practice.

What Water Wings has to offer you.

Water Wings provide an opportunity for children of 3 months old right through to adults to learn and progress their swimming in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff. We offer both group swimming lessons and lessons on a one-to-one basis. One-to-one swimming lessons offer an opportunity to children who might benefit more from increased assistance from a teacher, the purpose of one to one lessons is not to gain awards more quickly than in group lessons.

Our aim as a team is to introduce children to the water in a way they feel comfortable with. We offer a reassuring service of a slow and steady approach with children that are yet to be introduced to the water; this is to make sure that they don't gain a fear of swimming that may occur if they were to be rushed through the process of learning to swim.

The quality of teaching that Water Wings provides ensures good, consistent progress. We appreciate fully the importance of learning how to swim therefore we don't take this responsibility lightly. And most importantly everyone is guaranteed fun at Water Wings Swim School where they will be able to interact with other people and enjoy their time with us.

For more experienced and confident swimmers a slightly more direct approach is taken so each child can progress to their potential and get the most out of each swimming lesson.

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